Our brand-new purpose-built centre is on its way waiting to welcome many a smile through our doors. Our centre is located in the most upcoming suburb of Rolleston and proed to be the integral part of, ‘the city of the future’. Our centre is a unique architecture which has been designed to compliment the cathedral style of construction, which is historic for the Canterbury region. We have designed the centre for the community of Rolleston to be proud of and complement with the basic essence of the place, the farming theme. Our centre will be a site we all will be proud of.

Our centre approach will be aligned with our philosophy and the aspirations of our community. An approach will be a combination of original theme of farming with modern technology within our environment which will be an added advantage.

At Neemo Childcare, Rolleston laughter, joy, play, and learning go side by side.  Our nutritional meals for the children, our passionate teachers who are highly inspired by Reggio Emilia Approach, our amazing natural resources for children to think beyond the square and top of all this our amazing well-structured layout will surely make your children want to come and discover the amazements we offer in our day to day routines.

Our Rolleston centre has 4 areas for infants, toddler and pre-schoolers which comprises of total 4 rooms and vast thoughtful outdoor environment where children will be offered endless opportunities to explore, learn and investigate to be lifelong confident learners.

This centre is a unique piece of architecture where you will see a combination of cathedral style architecture, with well thought layout for children and natural aspects all weaved in together to make a difference and make the community of Greenhithe proud of this masterpiece.

Opening Soon


Centre details:

Opening Times: Monday-Friday, 7.00am-6.00pm

Address: 1 Rangatira Road, East Maddison Rolleston.