Our Learning

Our Learning Environment

We create environment that nurtures creativity in children.

Infants and toddlers:
Our practices are focused on caring for and respecting infants and toddlers. This is aimed on trust in the child to be an initiator, an explorer, and a self-learner. Infants typically set their own routines and rhythms. We aim, to the best of our abilities, to maintain routines that are consistent to home. We provide a rich, safe, unhurried and challenging learning environment that encompass a wide range of curriculum areas including story time, music time, messy play, visual arts, dance, pretend play, sensory play, sand play, and water play for the children to engage in, explore, and learn with in their own unique way at their own pace.
Our preschool areas are set out with resources to challenge every child’s ability and interests. It promotes the independence of children and encourages them to develop individually and in group settings. We evaluate our investigation, our observation and planning to reflect the learning happening in our environments. Variations needed in our spaces are always measured as per the child’s interest and encounter to new resources are presented. We believe in building strong relationships with parents. As such, we define ourselves learning from each other and from our children too (AKO – the sense of reciprocal learning).
Our approach: 
Our approach is focussed on observing the interests of children while also incorporating strands of TeWhāriki.
Our teachers
Our teachers will encourage children to think for themselves, make their own decisions and work towards their solutions. Our children will be encouraged to celebrate each other’s uniqueness, culture and strengths.


Our centre is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach and encourage child-centred developmental programmes. Our practise is founded on the guiding principles of TeWhāriki, the early childhood curriculum of New Zealand. Our approach is based on observing children on a regular basis, evaluating their interests and planning experiences from these observations. This helps enhance individual development in their own uniqueness. We acknowledge that early childhood education facilitates the development of confidence, independence, and an interest in learning for our children. Indoor and outdoor experiences are an integral part of our day to day experiences. Play is central to children’s development by providing opportunities for both structured and spontaneous experiences. Our emphasis on maintaining a home-like environment means that we endeavour to provide an atmosphere that is warm, accepting and welcoming to both children and their families.

Educa andLearning Journals

Parents do want to know what their children are doing in real time.

We know that any little moment, or achievement a child has, parents want to witness this. Through Educa this is very much possible in real time. And the most important thing is we are respecting the privacy of every individual child as this medium is very secured between just the parents and the centre.

We want to constantly maintain connections between home and the centre. Writing a child’s learning journey and sharing with parents is very important and it builds a collaborative relationship with parents. Your feedback shall support our teachers to personalize your child’s learning. Children also love re-visiting their past learning experiences by looking at their learning journals.


Food and Nutrition

We strongly believe in building strong connections with food which is vital part of every child’s growth. At Neemo Childcare food is at the core of all our rituals. We support our children to make these connections from the very young age. 

In our food world there is just creativity, health and innovation of home prepared meals on site with joy and balance. We are confident that our food contributes to healthy growth and satisfaction in a child.